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For only $9.99 Your purchase will include a professionally constructed and fully editable Buy-Sell Agreement template for your business in Microsoft Word format. (see detailed document below)

This Buy-Sell Agreement can provide the framework for your company's business succession plan and is flexible enough to work with many different types of multiple owner businesses.

Included are 2 bonus documents that your business will need.

Bonus form #1:
3 page confidentiality agreement to protect you when speaking with an outside party about your business.

Bonus form #2:
1 page new business entity planning worksheet that will help you lay the ground work for compensation and how income will be distributed among the owners.


Below is Page 1 of the editable Buy-Sell Agreement, plus information on what the rest of the 10 page document covers. With your paid order you will receive the entire document in a customizable word document format.

Buy-Sell Agreement

This Buy-Sell Agreement (this "Agreement") is made effective as of __________________, between and among ___________________________________ (the "Company") and each of the individuals listed on the attached Schedule A (each an "Owner," and collectively, the "Owners").

The Owners own all of the outstanding common stock of the Company (the "Units"), and desire to promote and protect their mutual interests and the interests of the Company. Therefore, the parties hereby agree as follows.

Article I - Sales and Transfers

1. General Transfer Restriction. No Owner (or any party acting on behalf of an Owner) may sell or transfer any of such Owner's Units, whether now owned or later acquired, except in accordance with the terms of this Agreement or by the written consent of the Company and all of the other Owners. Any attempted sale or transfer of any Units (or any interest in any Units) that violates the terms of this Agreement shall be void and shall not be binding upon, or recognized by, the Company or the Owners.

a. Sale or Transfer Defined. The phrase "sale or transfer" includes any sale, pledge, encumbrance, gift, bequest, or other transfer of any Units, whether or not the transfer would be made (i) for value, or (ii) to another Owner, or (iii) voluntarily or involuntarily or by operation of law, or (iv) during an Owner's lifetime or upon an Owner's death.

b. Exception. A sale or transfer of an Owner's Units to a trust that is wholly revocable by that Owner and for which that Owner is the sole trustee is not a prohibited sale or transfer. However, any subsequent attempted sale or transfer by the trustee of such trust shall be subject to all of the terms of this Agreement with the Owner (and not the trust) deemed as the owner of such Units.

2. Permitted Voluntary Sale or Transfer During Lifetime. Any Owner who wishes to sell or transfer such Owner's Units must first provide written notice of such intent to each of the other Owners. Such Owner (a "Seller") shall be deemed to have offered to sell his/her Units (the "Offered Units") to the other Owners. The notice must state the name of the party (the "Third Party Purchaser") to whom the Seller wishes to sell or transfer the Offered Units and the terms of the proposed sale or transfer.

(end of page 1, below is a listing of the topics the rest of the document will cover in detail)

3. Involuntary Lifetime Sale or Transfer.

4. Death of an Owner..

5. Termination of Employment.

6. Option of the Company. .

Article II - Purchase Price

1. Book Value / Purchase Price.

2. Calculation by CPA.

3. Costs.

Article III - Payment Terms

1. Type of Payment.

2. The Closing.

Article IV - Endorsement of Certificates

1. Endorsement.

2. Return of Shares.

3. New Units.

Article V - Life Insurance

1. Required Policies.

2. Added Policies.

3. Premiums.

Article VI - Terminating or Amending the Agreement

1. Termination.

2. Amendment.

3. Return of Certificates.

Article VII - Continuation of Restrictions

Article VIII - Miscellaneous

1. Tax Status.

2. Binding Effect.

3. Governing Law.

4. Severability.

5. Notices.

6. Specific Performance.

7. Waiver.

8. Copies.

9. Entire Agreement.

10. Effectiveness.


List of Owners


Final Checklist for Buy-Sell Agreement
For: ___________________________________

The complete document will also provide what you need to do to Make It Legal

Who should receive copies.

When you should update.

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