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Welcome to Buy-Sell

What happens to your business if something happens to you or one of your partners? What if you become disabled or a partner becomes disabled? What about at retirement or if an unresolvable disagreement comes along? Implementing a Buy-Sell Agreement for your business today can help you know the answers to these questions and more in the future. Properly structured and funded a Buy-Sell Agreement can protect the wealth of business owners and their families.

What is a Buy-Sell Agreement?Buy-Sell Agreement picture of plans that demonstrate a buy-sell agreement is like a blue print for your business
A Buy-Sell Agreement is like a blueprint for the future of your business. It is a binding document that obligates one party to sell and another to buy some or all of a business interest upon the occurrence of some designated event in the future, typically death, disability and/or retirement. The purposes of a Buy-Sell Agreement can be to:

* Provide liquidity and a buyer for a departing owners share of the business
* Avoid conflicts and power struggles among partners/owners
* Prevent unwanted persons or family members from becoming shareholders
* Fix the value of the business entity for estate purposes...learn more

Determining the value of your business:
Determining the value of your business today and at the time of a triggering event can be one of the most difficult challenges you will face with your Buy-Sell Agreement...learn more

Funding a Buy-Sell Agreement through insurance:
Generally when a Buy-Sell Agreement is executed one party will be transferring cash in exchange for all or a portion of the business. Typically an insurance policy is purchased to provide funding for when these triggers take place as a result of death or disability of an owner...learn more

Purchase and download a fully editable Buy-Sell Agreement for your business:
Order and download a fully editable Buy-Sell Agreement for your business. This customizable Buy-Sell Agreement can be used as a template document for thousands of different types of businesses and provides the terminology to cover most of the scenarios that multiple owner businesses face. If you have been thinking of what you need to do to plan today for the future of your business, this is the place to start
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purchase and download a fully customizable Buy-Sell Agreement.


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